Life is precious, and we are taught to value and nurture it as stewards of God’s creation. This year, the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) Region VI organized a regional youth camp with the theme “Catholic Students: Building Communities for Life,” inviting various Catholic schools including Angelicum School Iloilo.

The event was hosted at Aklan Catholic College, Andagao, Aklan and was a two day overnight event with a continuous program that stretched through the night. Many of the participants arrived early by bus having traveled from the city and other regions of Panay. The registration took up most of the early morning before moving on to the opening program which included a cultural presentation where some selected schools showcased the festival of their regions; the Bayluhan festival and the Dinagyang festival were some that were presented.

Aside from the cultural show, the program included an interschool sports tournament with volleyball, basketball, and chess players scattered into various teams: there was also an Amazing Race. After the fun and games and a moment of rest, the participants were called together to join in the Eucharistic Celebration led by the Most Rev. Jose Romeo Juanito Lazo, DD, Bishop of the Diocese of San Jose de Antique.

Throughout the day, various speakers called the participants to be an advocate for life: life that, given the country’s current state, is being misguided and taken for granted. One of the guest speakers was Fr. Jeffery Aytona, OP. He put emphasis on the role of social media and the youth in today’s generation. He spoke about how influential the media can be and how the youth, as millenials, are a key factor in making a change and in advocating for life; how social media can be used as a medium to spread the truth so as long as it is used correctly.

The night stretched on without breaks anymore. Various schools performed and presented the many talents of their students. As the sun rose to early morning, the program ended with a prayer. The participants, though tired from their long night, went home to their respective regions with new a smile and a renewed sense of spirit for life.

By Hazelene Grace P. De Asis

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