In line with the mission of the Province to bring the presence of the Order to the peripheries, the community of Rumah Santo Tomas, Surabaya was very blessed with the visit of Fr. Louis Marie Ariño Durand, OP, the Promoter of the Rosary of the Order who came last August 2017. His arrival in Indonesia was part of the apostolic mission of the Order to promote the rosary all over the world.

He held a seminar entitled “Devosi Rosario” (Devotion to the Rosary). More than 500 people including the brethren, the youth and other various communities attended the seminar held in the Church and was aired live the Redemptor Mundi facebook page. The seminar was delivered in English and was translated into Bahasa by Fr. Adrian Adiredjo, OP. With the use of PowerPoint presentation, Fr. Durand was able to inspire the audience. Three points were brought out as pointers for reflection: the message of the Blessed Virgin in Fatima, the relevance of the Mysteries of the Rosary in our life and the value of the repetition in the recitation of the rosary.

At the end of the seminar, Fr. Durand encouraged the audience to pray the rosary every day, based on the message of the Blessed Mother in Fatima, and to form a Rosary Team in Surabaya by way of promoting the rosary. Inspired by the talk and moved by the spirit, the audience right away formed the Rosary Team!

After Surabaya, Fr. Durand intended to also visit Dili, Timor Leste for the promotion of the rosary. We join him in prayer for his mission in the name of Jesus through Mary!


By Br. Lukas Sabdaningrat, OP


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