DOMINICAN STUDENTATE, SANTO DOMINGO – Last August 25, the Dominican Studentate Council (DSC) spearheaded the fraternal spree by organizing Mr. St. Dominic 2017 “Oppa Edition.” The said contest brought together five (5) candidates representing their respective apostolic groups (DSMC, MUKHA AD, KADAUPAN, PST, and KAPATID) in order to compete for the said title. After the incredible show of creativity, talent and wit, Alexander Constantine Seño stood as the winner.

Br. Seño represented DSMC, the apostolic group which at the time has already been defending the title for five (5) consecutive years. When asked during the Q & A portion about what kind of poem he would compose to a beloved, Br. Seño seriously replied: “Kung ako ay gagawa ng isang tula, ito ay isang tula ng pamamaalam. Ito rin ay tula ng paghihintay dahil hihintayin ko siya sa altar, ngunit hindi bilang isang asawa kundi bilang isang pari.” After the night, Br. Seño emerged as the 6th Mr. St. Dominic title-holder from DSMC following Br. Aloysius Luis “Aris” Kung, a brother from Flores, Indonesia.

Mr. St. Dominic has been going on since 2009. The organizers were looking forward for the next year’s competition because it would mark the contest’s 10th year. More than the usual entertainment it brings, it is the showcase of the brothers’ talent, cleverness and ingenuity which make the competition really an anticipated event during fraternal sprees. [DSC] 

By Br. Mervin Lomague, OP

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