To Praise, to Bless, to Preach over the Radio

A Radio Station that talks to God and talks about God.

A Dominican Radio Station bringing blessings to every listener and participant, touching and changing lives by the power of the Word of God, Prayers, Holy Mass and Inspiring Messages and Christian Songs.

 “Faith comes from hearing the message” (Rom 19:17)


Nine years ago when I became the Pastor of the Parish of Our Lady of Manaoag, my desire was to visit every barangay, house and home and every place in the area of Manaoag to share the blessings of God. My aim was to evangelize and preach to every parishioner in the convenience of their situations. Some people told me that was impossible. Some people said you could not do that, having only one body. Since I learned that impossibility is only an opinion and a negative mind-set, what I did was to listen to inspiring and challenging people telling me to use the modern means of communication like the radio. After all, radio is the economical way to reach out to people near and far. Then the dream became a reality. With the approval of the Prior and the Community of Manaoag, Manaoag Dominican Radio was set up.

Telling the people that there is an alternative radio station that puts on the air something different from other radio stations, we encourage them to tune in to Manaoag Dominican Radio in order to be blessed. A radio station that inspires, teaches, blesses and serves as a source of strength, the Manaoag Dominican Radio is a radio that gives voice to the voiceless.

It was so comforting enough when I visited the people in Manaoag listening to the Manaoag Dominican Radio. They also became evangelizers as they listened. They were joining in the recitation of the rosary and listening to the Mass.

It has already been nine years when the parishioners of Manaoag and the devotees of our Lady of Manaoag turned on their radio so that we could enter into their homes at their convenience. By switching on their radios and using smartphones, their Facebooks and Youtube, they were able to see and listen to the live and alive, real time broadcast of Manaoag Dominican Radio. They were able to join in the praying of the rosary everyday, the morning prayer, the celebration of the Holy Mass live from the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Manaoag at the first hours of everyday. Through the station, there are the inspirational and soothing religious songs that enliven the listeners so that people may know more about the Catholic Faith, programs like Catechism of the Catholic Church. Prayers, bible sharing and reflection, and teachings and instructions are heard over this radio. To reach out to the Overseas workers living in the different countries, there are three Masses from the Minore Basilica of Our Lady of Manaoag (6 am, 11 am and 5 pm daily) broadcasted live on air. To end the day, the Evening Prayer and Office of the Readings prayed by the Dominican Community of Manaoag direct from the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Manaoag are being put on the air live so that the people can also participate.

Manaoag Dominican Radio is a vehicle for evangelization, catechesis, sanctification and service. This radio station is a member of the Radio Preaching Network of the Dominicans in the World, that allows Dominicans who work in radio ministries to exchange ideas, build links, share programs and reflect theologically together, especially with those who work in remote areas. The Dominicans have preached on the radio for decades. One advantage of the Dominican Province of the Philippines from other Dominican Provinces working in the Media is that Manaoag Dominican Radio is owned and managed by the Dominicans themselves.

Indeed it is a blessing that the Dominican Province of the Philippines now caters to 7 radio stations:

  1. Calayan Dominican Radio Station, established in 2002
  2. Manaoag Dominican Radio, established in 2008
  3. UST Tiger Dominican Radio Station, established in 2010
  4. Angelicum Dominican Radio Station, established in 2005
  5. Letran Calamba Dominican Radio Station, established in 2009
  6. Letran Abucay Dominican Radio Station, established in 2014
  7. Aquinas Dominican Radio Station, established in 2015

It is our hope and desire that all these Dominican Radio Stations become a Radio Dominican Network sharing materials, ideas, programs and other resources. Truly, these radio stations can be powerful tools for evangelization in reaching the “unchurched”, the lost, the last and the least in the peripheries. It is good for the mission and in communicating the Good News to all people. We can make this happen. It is not so much on the resources but on the resourcefulness that matters. By becoming resourceful, we can use the team viewer to operate all the seven radio stations by simply one click of a finger. If one uses the internet for connectivity, other radio stations operate in that way, we can also do the same. Impossibility is only an opinion; decision is action.

Yes, we can make this happen!

May God bless us all. Subscribe from YouTube and spread the news to everyone!

By Br. Gallardo “Butch” Asor Bombase, Jr., OP 

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