(Taken from the Naming Grace Newsletter of Rumah Formasi Sto. Tomas Aquino)

“The Garden of Eden – Part I” was written during my postulancy. It’s an article where I likened the seminary to the Garden of Eden. Why? As far as I understood before, in the Garden of Eden there were a lot of rules to be followed; to fail in following any of them is equal to an expulsion. So, I thought the best way to “survive” in the seminary is to follow those rules carefully. But, I was wrong!

The rules in the seminary were not intended to make or lead us to fear. On the contrary, they’re there to make us aware. Aware about what? Firstly, to be aware of our state of life, and, secondly, to be aware of our own maturity. The rules are there to remind us of who we truly are. As St. Thomas tells us about divine law in us, the Sacred Scriptures were compiled to remind us of all those things in us.

Now I have made my vows, now I am a religious. I have promised myself to follow God, I committed myself to take a vow in order to conform my will to God’s. I follow him, because I believe that the purpose of my life here on Earth is to follow him not by simply follow-ing the rules. My vocation is more than following the rules in the seminary. With the help of God, I hope the rules would form me, to conform my will to God’s.

By Br. Rupinus Kehi, OP

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